Dottie's Magic Pockets is for Everyone!

Gay Families! Adopted Families! Single-Parent Families! Traditional Families! Everyone’s included!

Dottie’s Magic Pockets’ DVD and CD are for all of today’s families – with images especially important for kids in gay and lesbian families (and their friends and families!). Along for the fun are Dottie and her friends James the Flower, Uncanny the Singing Can, Motilda the Mouse, and Randal the Beaver.

Watch clips from the DVD, listen to songs from the new CD and download fun bits for the kids. Have fun and spread the news!

Kids video for gay family, Jen Plante

And our BIG NEWS is: The Super Secret Seashell Cave CD is here!


Dottie's Magic Pockets - The Super Secret Seashell Cave

Thank you for spreading the word about Dottie on Facebook, Twitter, emails and face-to-face. Let’s keep Dottie going!

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