The catchy and easy-to-sing songs will delight... while the instructive cartoons will teach and amuse... [A] great family video for all of today's families who want to teach their children that families come in all shapes and sizes, and being different is something to celebrate - San Francisco Examiner
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The perfect kids video for the lesbian family, the gay family, the adopted family, the traditional family - all of today's families!

The DVD contains two episodes: "Dottie the Flower" and "Beat Beet" that have played in film festivals around the world, including San Francisco's Frameline, Outfest, and LGBT Film Festivals in Toronto, Melbourne, and London.

Doing the Flower
Randal the Beaver has petal envy! After he decides he would rather be a flower than a beaver, Motilda says she would rather be a Dottie than a mouse! Even James wants to change - into a construction worker! Soon, however, with the help of Dottie and a silly song - Doing the Flower - everyone realizes they are perfect just the way they are.

Beet Beat
A catchy rap song - with guest singers, The Embers - cheers up some confusion about "words that sound the same but have different meanings." But nothing can clear up Motilda's hiccups - and every time she hiccups, a bop appears! In the end, Dottie saves the day by bringing out the Magic Hiccup Hat!

// Running time: 50 minutes

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Kids video for gay families, Uncanny the Singing CanKids sizes come in red only. Adult sizes come in black only, with separate cuts for men and women.

Printed front and back in high quality silkscreen on 100% cotton, American Apparel T-shirts printed in Portland, Oregon by the lovely ladies of Little Red Press.

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